Since its founding in 1996, Ephraim Pottery has built a national reputation for creating Arts and Crafts style decorative arts of the finest quality. Ephraim’s artists draw their inspiration from the beauty of nature and from the aesthetics and philosophy of the historical Arts and Crafts movement. Their dedication to their art and to each

EFP_logo_SQUARE_outlined_no_LMother is reflected in the beauty and quality of their work.
Working together in a unique collaborative arrangement, Ephraim’s artists create each piece of art pottery and each art tile by hand, one at a time, in their studio on West Lake Street. After the pieces are bisque fired, the glazers apply the colors that make them come alive. Glazes in rich, earthy tones of green, blue, brown, rust, and gold add depth and dimension to the work. The hands-on nature of the process allows the artists a great deal of creative freedom as well as direct control over the quality of the finished piece, resulting in art pottery and tiles of the highest quality.

Oak frames and stands to complement their art tiles are meticulously crafted in Ephraim’s Lake Mills woodshop. Hand-selected quarter-sawn white oak is used exclusively for the frames. No metal hardware is used to secure the joints; pegs add extra stability and aesthetic appeal. The multi-step finishing process incorporates fuming, staining, shellacking and waxing. The studio’s logo is burned into the back of each piece, reflecting pride of craftsmanship.

Ephraim Pottery’s gallery, located at 130 East Lake Street in downtown Lake Mills, is a destination for pottery and tile enthusiasts from across the United States. The gallery showcases pieces from Ephraim’s collection of art pottery, art tiles, and oak frames and accessories. While Ephraim’s own work is the primary focus, the gallery also features a carefully chosen selection of accessories created by other artisans working in the Arts and Crafts style, including William Morris lamps and Archive Edition textiles. Bargain-hunters love the seconds and irregulars section, where pieces with minor flaws can be had for 25% to 50% off the retail price.