• Address : 203 South CP Ave.
  • Phone Number : 920-648-5311
  • Hours : 8am to 4:30 Monday thru Friday
  • Web Site : http://www.culligan.com


Does your water smell bad or have a funny taste?  Do you have iron stains in your sinks and toilets?  Do you have hard water spots on your fixtures?  Do you worry about the impurities in your drinking water?  Do you drink enough water each day?

These are just some of the problems that Culligan can solve for you! 

Culligan Water Conditioning, 203 South CP Avenue, has the solutions to all your water needs.  We sell and rent water softeners, iron filters, drinking water systems, and water coolers.  We also service any make or model of water softeners or filters.  In addition, we deliver bottled water and salt right to your door!  In fact, your “Culligan Man” will dump salt right into your softener at no extra charge—saving you time and heavy lifting of salt bags!

Culligan is locally owned and operated by Rich and Kristi Wendt of Lake Mills.  We are open for business from 8 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday.  We invite anyone with a question about their water to stop in or give us a call at (920)648-5311 or (920)563-4378.

“Try it FREE! Call us for a free trial: 1-month cooler rental and 2 free 5-gal. bottles of water. New customers only.”